Currently when sending orders to the Shiptheory API, there is a limit to 1 request per second, and if this is exceeded, an Error 429 will be displayed. 

"(429) Too many requests"

In order to avoid this particular error appearing, you will need to comply with Shiptheory API only accepting 1 request per second, and stagger how many requests are being put into Shiptheory. 

It is also important to note that batch processing orders through the Shiptheory API will not work. For example, don't attempt to put 20 orders through at once and instead stagger these requests to 1 per second or 1 every couple of seconds.

Notable information

If you are in a capable position to use sleep(1000), or something similar, this should successfully stagger requests and may save you time processing orders through Shiptheory. 

Need any help with this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!