When fulfilling orders from your Shopify store, you may come across the following error on Shiptheory:

No stock available at the selected inventory location to fulfil the items on this order..

One of the causes of this error is that a Shopify store will occasionally fulfil an order's items before the order has been completed. Our Shopify integration requires Shiptheory to fulfil products in order to verify and download its associated information. 

If your Shopify is automatically fulfilling products before Shiptheory, it will look something like this:

When Shiptheory is fulfilling these products when doing the requisite checks in order to download order information, it should instead look something like this:

If you note that your Shopify is fulfilling these products, there is a setting you can change. Navigate to Settings > Checkout, then halfway down the page, see Order Processing. Change this option to “Don't fulfill any of the order’s line items automatically”.

If you continue to have any issues with your Shopify orders or have any other queries about using Shopify with Shiptheory, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here!