If "Printer X has been manually disabled" is displayed within the Shiptheory Print Client follow our trouble shooting steps below

Ensure the printer is connected to Printnode, ensure the printer is shown under the "Printers" tab within the Client. If there ensure the printer is ticked as default.

If a printer is not displayed try to log out and log back into our Print Client to ensure all printers are synced with your computer.

For Windows If this does not resolve your problem go to the "Type Here to Search" (Windows 10) or Click the Start button and "Search" for windows 7 and type "Printers and Scanners". Ensure the printer is connected and appearing in the list.

For Mac Within the top right click on the magnifying glass to open up Finder. From here type in "Printers & Scanners" from here ensure the Printer is showing as online and that it is on the list.

If this does not work try to reinstall the driver from the printer manufactures website. If the printer is still not being displayed please reach out to our support team here so that they can assist you further.