You can configure your integrated labels to include product-specific notes from your customers on your Shopify store. This is great for personalised products such as t-shirts and baked goods!

Setting up your input field

First, you need to ensure that your customers can input their notes into your store.

You can use a Shopify app such as Product Customizer to create a field on your store like the one below.

Setting up your integrated label

Once this is done, you need to design your integrated label so the field is printed out on it.

You can do this by adding a product table to the integrated label, clicking on it to show the product table fields and ticking the 'Notes' field.

Configuring the field name

Lastly, you'll need to input the name of the property in your line items where the message is stored in Shopify into your Shopify advanced settings. 

It's likely that you'll need to find this in the Shopify app you used to set up the field in your store. In Product Customizer, you can choose the name of the field under 'Option Name'.

The final product

Now, when you print your label, your product-specific gift notes will appear in the appropriate row in your products table!

As the product table has one row for each product, if more than one of the same products in the same shipment has a note, the notes will be separated by the pipe symbol e.g. "Happy Birthday Tommy | Happy Birthday Julie".