When using the CSV Import page to send orders to Shiptheory, you may encounter some issues trying to send orders successfully. In these scenarios, it's worth double checking a few points;

CSV Improperly Formatted - It could be the case that the CSV you've submitted doesn't have correct formatting, and as such is being recognised as invalid. In this case, we recommend to use a CSV checker to ensure any problems with the CSV are flagged and sorted. These tools can be found online with programs such as CSV Lint.

Fields Not Valid- Another important thing to note when submitting CSVs is that the fields specified must be valid. The CSV Import sends via the Shiptheory API, which means that the fields must match up to their proper field names to ensure the data is actually received. 

The correct available fields are all specified at the bottom of the CSV Upload page here. If needed, you can also see a template CSV containing valid fields attached to this guide.

CSV Contains too many lines- The CSV uploader tool can accept many orders, or lines in one upload, and there's no set cap on the amount of lines you can provide. However, if you're noticing perhaps that the order(s) remain stuck in processing, or perhaps you encounter any timeouts with your CSV being in the tens of thousands on the line count, it may be an idea to break it down into smaller chunks to upload at a time.

Duplicated References- Another important thing to note is that the reference field in your upload must be completely unique. Not just in the upload but in your Shiptheory account altogether. If you submit a shipment with a reference already in Shiptheory, the order won't submit and be visible, as the system sees that the unique reference already exists.

If you've checked all of these and are still having issues, please feel free to Contact Support.