When using the Shiptheory REST API to send orders to the platform, you'll have more flexibility to decide the exact information that is sent.

Sender information is one of these pieces of information, as you're able to specify more detail about where the order is coming from. When using the Shiptheory API to send orders, you can specify the "sender" array:

As you can see, this allows you to specify the sender address, names and contact info such as email and telephone. If you have orders coming from multiple locations, this is a good way to ensure each order has the needed sender data.

Another field you can specify in the sender array is the "tax_number". This allows you to specify the sender EORI number for the shipment. Again, this is useful if you have multiple potential EORIs, and want to ensure that for each one, the needed EORI number will be used.

It's important to know that if the sender array is not specified, the "Shipping Location" you have filled out in Shiptheory will be used instead. This can be found here: Shipping Location
However, if you do specify the Sender array, you'll want to make sure that all needed information is filled out, as when specified, even if the information is not complete, it will still be used instead of the shipping location. 

As such, if you're planning to specify the sender EORI in your requests, you'll need to make sure you also specify the sender address information. If not, the sender address will technically then be blank.

For more information on this, please see our API documentation here. Please also feel free to Contact Support if you need assistance.