Pick Pack Ship supports the use of USB scales when entering your own product and shipment weights. Only some USB scales and browsers are currently supported. To check supported technologies and configure your scales with Shiptheory take a look here

Overriding Product Or Shipment Weights

Overriding product or Shipment weights works much the same way as it did before (detailed here), however now you can use USB scales to take measurements for weight inputs. When you have scales enabled for your Shiptheory the scales icon will appear next to weight inputs (as shown below) in Pick Pack Ship.  


To speed up the packing process you can enable keyboard shortcuts from the Pick Pack Ship advanced settings or use magic barcodes, both of which will allow you to take measurements from USB scales and confirm weights in Shiptheory without you ever having to pick up a mouse. Ideal for when you're packing large volumes of shipments. 

If you have any queries or need some help please get in touch with our support team.