When looking to use USB scales with Shiptheory, it's possible you may see "USB scales not available" when trying to use your scales, as shown below:

There's a couple of reasons this can occur, which we'll go over now;

Non Supported Devices-

During development, this functionality was thoroughly tested with DYMO M10 scales. Other DYMO scales may also work with this but it's not guaranteed. As such, if you're using scales other than the DYMO M10, it's possible that they are currently not supported.

If this is the case, you can reach out to support here to request support for the scales you're using.

Non Supported Browsers-

Currently, the following browsers are supported with the USB scales functionality in Shiptheory; Chrome, Opera and Edge. If you're using a browser different to these, we recommend switching over to try one of the recommended browsers and see how things look for you there.

Scales Not Set Up-

It's also possible that you may have supported scales and a supported browser, but have not yet followed the steps to set up your scales in Shiptheory. To enable USB scales, click the printer icon, it's in the top right of the web page. Then click "Weighing Scales" from the drop down:

You'll then be redirected to the set up page, where you'll want to choose "Yes" from the select box in order to enable scales for your portal. Then click save.:

Once done, your scales should be set up and ready to go with Shiptheory.

If you've confirmed the above three points and still are having issues, please Contact Support, as we can then look to assist you further with this.