Shiptheory supports the use of some USB Scales (using some browsers). This means that when you go to book a shipment with a carrier, you can optionally use the scales to fill in the weight value for the shipment.

Supported Browsers & Devices

We have thoroughly tested DYMO M10 scales with our application. While other USB scales made by DYMO will likely work with our application, we do not guarantee it!

Please use Chrome, Opera or Edge as they're the only browsers to support "web USB HID" (the standard used by the scales), otherwise you won't be able to connect to the scales via the browser. 

If you have a set of scales you'd like us to support, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

Call on 0117 403 4313 or contact us here.


To use USB scales with Shiptheory, you'll first need to enable the feature for your portal (note that this will enable scales for all users). This allows our web application to connect directly with your scales, skipping the need to manually enter weight values for Shipments.

To enable USB scales, click the printer icon, it's in the top right of the web page. Then click "Weighing Scales" from the drop down. 

You'll then be redirected to the set up page, where you'll want to choose "Yes" from the select box in order to enable scales for your portal. Then click save. 

Once enabled, you will see the scales button next to the weight input in the shipment pop up as shown below. (You must have a carrier selected before you'll see the weight fields).

Using the scales

Once you have configured your portal to use USB scales next you'll need to connect the scales via USB to the computer you wish to use. Then select a shipment from the "waiting to ship" tab on your dashboard. Once you have selected your carrier and service, the "weight" and "boxes" fields will slide down. 

Next click scales icon. 

You'll then be prompted by your browser to select a device to connect. Make sure your scales are supported by Shiptheory, connected by USB and turned on. Otherwise they won't appear in the list.  

Once you click connect the weight field will automatically populate with the weight value on the scales. Any successive clicks of the scales icon will update the weight field with the value from the scales.

Important notes

Make sure you calibrate your scales correctly before use! This will help ensure the correct value is being read by Shiptheory. Improperly calibrated scales will result in incorrect values for weight being added to shipments which may result in carriers refusing to take the shipment.

Due to a minor discrepancy in conversion from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg), using the scales in pounds (lbs) may result in the value being ± 0.002 kg off the actual weight in Shiptheory. We recommend you use the scales in kilograms (kg) to avoid this.

If the scales power off (usually after a period of inactivity) or you close your browser, you'll be prompted to reconnect the scales by your browser before it can read the value from the scales again.

If your browser doesn't support web HID standard used by the scales or shiptheory doesn't have the correct permissions to access your USB devices then the scales icon will appear grayed out. You can try using a different browser or see below on how to change browser permissions.

If there is anything here that you're stuck on, or would like any help to get your scales set up, please feel free to either give us a call on 0117 403 4313 or contact us here.

Changing browser permissions

You may need to allow shiptheory to access the scales through your browser. To do this you'll want to click the icon on the left of the URL/Search box. Usually this icon will be a padlock but can sometimes be an "i" or "!". Then click on the "Site settings" option from the pop up.  

Next you'll see a settings page, scroll to "web HID" permission. It should be set to "ask", if it's not then change it.

If there is anything here that you're stuck on, or would like any help to get your scales set up, please feel free to either give us a call on 0117 403 4313 or contact us here.