Pick Pack Ship supports editing the total weight of your shipment after all items have been picked and editing the weights of individual products as you scan them. 

Important: Any weights you override using the following functionality will be overridden by any shipping rules you have set up.

Accessing Weight Override Settings

To access these features go to Pick Pack Ship by clicking here. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced Settings. Scroll down until you see Weight Override Options. Here you can set how you want you weight overrides to behave. 

Overriding the Total Weight of the Shipment

To enable this feature follow the steps in Accessing Weight Override Settings above and select 'Yes, for the whole shipment' in Weight Override Options. Once this has been enabled use Pick Pack Ship as normal and scan all of your items in a shipment. The Weight Override option will then appear at the bottom of the page above the Cancel Picking and Close and Ship Order buttons as shown below. 

Once the Weight Override option has appeared you can change the weight of a shipment by typing a new value in the input field or by using the arrow buttons in the input field to increment the weight by 0.001 kg (1 gram) as shown below.

Once you have changed the weight, click Confirm in order to save your changes to the shipment weight (alternatively you can scan a magic barcode).

If you have made a mistake and wish to revert your changes click the Reset button. This will reset the value of the input field to your original shipment weight. If you have already clicked Confirm to save your changes, you will have to click Confirm again after reverting the weight to save your changes. 

If you are ever unsure as to what shipment weight saved at Shiptheory for your shipment equates to scroll to the top of the page. Here you will see the current details of the shipment. 

Overriding Individual Product Weights

To enable this feature follow the steps in Accessing Weight Override Settings above and select 'Yes, for every product' in Weight Override Options

Once this has been enabled you can use use Pick Pack Ship as normal and scan your items. After each item has been scanned the product weight override section will appear below the last scanned product's SKU, name and quantity. You can then change the weight of product. 

  • In order for changes to be saved you must press Confirm.
  • If you wish to reset the product weight to its original catalogue weight then press reset. (Note: if a product weight change has been saved by pressing Confirm then you must press Confirm again after resetting the product weight otherwise the reset will not be saved). 

To continue scan the next product. 

Using the Total Weight of Products as the Shipment Weight 

When 'Yes, for every product' is selected in Weight Override Options you can choose whether you would like your total shipment weight to equal the sum of all product weights associated with the shipment. This feature is ONLY available When 'Yes, for every product' is selected and is ACTIVE by default. In order to disable this feature go to Pick Pack Ship's advanced settings, then go to Automatic Shipment Weight Override and select 'No, leave shipment weight'.

If you have any queries or questions about this, please contact support and we'll be happy to help!