You can select for Shiptheory to download as your shipment senders addresses either, the stock location address selected for each of your Shopify fulfilments, as per the instructions below, or to use the default Shipping Location set in Shiptheory.

To enable downloading the stock fulfillment location address from Shopify:

  1. Navigate to your Shopify settings page in Shiptheory, click the grey Advanced Settings icon in the bottom left of the page and scroll down to the Download Fulfillment Location Address setting:
  2. Save your settings. Any shipments created from Shopify from this point onward will use the address of the stock fulfillment location selected in Shopify when creating your order fulfillments.

Important Note: Since Shopify locations do not have fields for the first name, last name, company name or email address, these fields will be taken from your default Shipping Location set in Shiptheory.

Sending the Location Address to Carriers

When Download Fulfillment Location Address is enabled, Shiptheory may send the location address directly to carriers when booking shipments and manifesting. You should check how this behaviour affects your carrier account as some carriers will charge differently for collecting from multiple or unknown addresses. For more information and a comprehensive list of which carriers Shiptheory sends the warehouse address to, see our Shipping from Multiple Addresses Guide.