When shipping your products internationally, carrier services require some additional information about your products, so they can make it through customs without any problems.

The fields required for export documentation are:

  • Commodity Code / HS Tariff code
  • Commodity Description
  • Country of Manufacture - ISO-2 country code, e.g. "GB" for the United Kingdom
  • Composition / Materials

Bluepark supports commodity information by default so there is no extra setup needed within Shiptheory.

You can find and edit your commodity information on Bluepark by making your way to this screen within your Bluepark dashboard. It is accessible by following this directory guide: 

"Products > Product manager > Product Editor > Values "

How to check if Shiptheory's downloading commodity data correctly:

Every time an order comes into Shiptheory, the products information, including the commodity data, is updated. You can view all the products that have come into Shiptheory in your Products Page. 

On the Products Page, you can view select a product and view all the commodity data that Shiptheory stores about it. You are also able to edit this information. You can read more on how to update a product's data on this guide here.

Need Help?

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