With your Shiptheory account, you are now able to use a tool to directly upload/update the product information stored in Shiptheory that will be sent to the carriers. This can be especially useful for updating your commodity information on products.

The tool can be found here: https://phpstack-1091112-3818706.cloudwaysapps.com/

Please note, this is not an official Shiptheory tool and is therefore not closely monitored for bugs and issues like the main Shiptheory functionality. One important thing to note is that upon uploading a large amount off products, you may receive a 500 error from the page. To resolve this, try to break your CSV down into smaller chunks and try again.

The main functionality on the page is that using the template CSV, you can fill in your product information that needs updating with your SKUs, you can then input your Shiptheory login information and upload your CSV. This will then add the information in the CSV to Shiptheory.

After doing this, you can always verify the results by checking your products on your product catalogue page in Shiptheory here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/products

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to Contact Support.