When adding Shipments via the Shiptheory POST Book Shipment API, if you are specifying a delivery_service for a carrier you have multiple instances of, you will also need to specify a carrier increment, to identify which instance of the carrier settings you wish to use for the shipment.

If you do not specify an increment in your POST data, but you do specify a delivery_service, the default carrier instance on your account will be used, this instance has an increment of 1. If you have removed your default instance, or you specify an increment that does not exist, you will receive an error back from the API as per below:

"message":"Unable to load your Dpd carrier settings"

How do I find my carrier increment for API requests?

To find the increment of your carrier, from the main menu in your Shiptheory account select the carrier instance in question to view the settings page. The browser URL will show carrier/edit/increment. For example, the below browser URL bar is from the second instance of DPD on a Shiptheory account:

The increment in the above example is 2.

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