Amazon has (API) limits on how often Shiptheory is able to send them updates to set your orders as Shipped and post the carrier tracking numbers. As such, Shiptheory offers the option to choose how we update your Amazon orders to ensure that we don't hit the Amazon's limits.

Configure your Order Update Schedule

On your Amazon settings page, once successfully connected to your Amazon account, you will see the Order Update Schedule section at the bottom of the page.

Shiptheory offers two settings:

  • Send tracking numbers instantly
    As soon as your Amazon orders are successfully booked with a courier, Shiptheory will post an update to Amazon with a tracking number (if available). This option is only suitable if you are booking up to 30 orders per hour with Amazon.* After this, it is possible that Amazon may start to reject further order update requests.**

  • Batched updates, every 5 minutes
    If you are booking more than 30 orders per hour with Amazon*, this option will post batched updates (up to 500 shipments per update) to Amazon on a 5-minute schedule.

* Per individual Amazon integration with Shiptheory

** If Amazon's limit is hit, it will start to accept a new request after every two minutes