You can set your Shiptheory Shopify integration to download either your Shopify shipments or Shopify orders. By default, Shiptheory is set to download your Shopify shipments.

Once your orders in Shopify have been fulfilled, Shiptheory will download each newly created Shopify shipment to process. Click here for more information about Shopify shipments and how to fulfil your Shopify orders to create shipments

For a more general overview of Shopify orders and Shopify shipments and whether you should consider selecting one over the other, please read this article: Should Shiptheory download my Shopify Shipments or Orders?

How to update Shiptheory to download Shopify Orders or Shipments

From anywhere in Shiptheory, click on your name in the top blue bar and select Shopify from the drop-down menu to head to your Shopify settings. If your Shopify store is all connected OK, at the top of the page you will see the Shopify Order Preferences

Set Shiptheory to Download Shopify Shipments

To download Shopify shipments, simply set the Download Orders or Shipments setting to Shipments.

The following three settings Order Fulfillment Location, Orders Payment Status and Order Tags will be disabled and can be ignored.

Click Save to complete.

Set Shiptheory to Download Shopify Orders

To set your integration to download Shopify orders, set the Download Orders or Shipments setting to Orders.

There are a couple of other settings that must be set to help Shiptheory determine which of your orders are ready to be fulfilled to shipments and booked with couriers.

For an overview about how Shiptheory processes your Shopify orders here: Should Shiptheory download my Shopify Shipments or Orders?

  • Order Fulfillment Location
    If you have more than one Stock Location configured in Shopify then you will need to select from which of your locations Shiptheory will fulfil your orders.

    For each order that Shiptheory processes, it will look to fulfil as many of the order items as possible from this selected location to each shipment that is created.

    For any orders where not all stock is available to fulfil, all available stock will be fulfilled to a shipment and the order will be set as Part Fulfilled in Shopify to be manually completed later, such as fulfilled from another location.

    It is only possible for Shiptheory to manage one stock location. More information about Stock Locations is available from Shopify here:

  • Orders Payment Status
    Select the payment status(es) on which you are happy for Shiptheory to fulfil your Shopify orders. Multiple statuses can be selected.

  • Order Tags
    For more fine-grained control over when Shiptheory processes your orders, you can enter a comma-separated list of order tags. Shiptheory will only then process an order if all of the tags are present on your Shopify orders, in addition to the previous settings.

    This could be useful if you wanted Shiptheory to only processes a certain segment of your Shopify orders, or you only wanted to process orders after certain checks had been completed.

Order Tags in the bottom-right of the Shopify orders screen

Once you are happy, click SaveĀ to complete.

If you have any further questions about your Shopify settings, shipments or orders, please feel free to get in touch with our support team who are always happy to help!