If you have recently connected your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime to Shiptheory and are now trying to book in an order, you may get the error: 403 error connecting with Amazon, please try again.

The most likely reason for this is within your Amazon SFP account, you have yet you accept the API Terms and Conditions. You will not be able to book in orders through Shiptheory with Amazon SFP until you have accepted these T&C's.

The Solution:

Within your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime account, navigate to the URL below:

From here, click Merchant Fulfilment API Registration. Within here you will have the ability to accept the terms and conditions for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. Once you have accepted the T&C's, you can retry the order again with Shiptheory and it should book in fine.

Have any questions about doing this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!