There are a couple of reasons why an order may show up in Shiptheory with the error message;

Unable to communicate with Shopify. "Not Found". Please try again.

The order will still come into Shiptheory but will display like below:

Order Archived before Fulfillment

If you have Shiptheory setup to receive shipments upon fulfillment in Shopify, then this issue could be due to your order being marked as "Archived" before being marked as "Fulfilled".

The suggested workflow is to archive an order after an order is fulfilled and booked in Shiptheory. 

We're still able to get the order to come in properly, but we need to adjust the order in the Shopify side first;

To do this, first, access the order in Shopify, click "More Actions" and then click "Unarchive":

After this, access the order in your Shiptheory dashboard and hit "retry":

The order should then be complete or ready to book in.

Issue with the product/s

It is possible that there is something wrong with the products in the shipment.

Take a look at Shopify and work out which product is the 'issue' product. You can check the product variants and SKUs. You can also verify if the product is uploaded to your product catalogue correctly. Where most products will have a blue name that links directly to the product catalogue, the problem product will have it's name in a regular unlinked black text. This indicates the product is not created properly in your product catalogue and would be the cause of this error.

You will need to make these changes and then all future shipments should be fine. You can try a test order with the new product to see if this resolves the issue. 

 If you have any problems with this, please contact support.