To send through weights and commodity information to Shiptheory from your Squarespace store we'll need to create some variant options on your products. Creating these fields to use is a very simple process which I'll guide you through below.

First of all we'll need to navigate to the products page and select a product via Home -> Commerce -> Inventory

You'll now see a popup with information regarding the product, you'll want to click on the Pricing & Variants tab

This is where we'll be able to add custom variations for the product which will allow us to pull through any additional information needed

Now that you have created a custom field, you'll want to enter the name you gave the custom field below.

If this isn't ideal for you due to the amount of products within your store, we do allow you to enter a default commodity information/weight value which will be applied to all of your products that are sent to Shiptheory.

Now you're done! just click save to make and now the information within your newly created custom fields will start to come through on new shipments.

If you have any queries or questions about this, feel free to contact support and we will be happy to help.