When booking in an order with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime for the first time through Shiptheory, you may get the error below:
"403 error connecting with Amazon, please try again. If this persists please contact Shiptheory support."

Shiptheory is able to connect with your Amazon SFP account but it is being blocked from booking in any orders. This may be because you have not accepted Amazon's Terms and Conditions. 

How do I stop this error?

To stop this error, you should make sure that you have accepted Amazon's Terms and Conditions for buying Shipping from them. 

To review/accept the Terms and Conditions from Amazon, within your Seller Account go to Manage Shipping Services. From there, you should review the T&C's and then click the I Agree check-boxes to accept them. Once you then click Submit, you will be able to book in orders with Amazon SFP.

Now within your Shiptheory, if you try to book the order in again, it should work fine for you.

Need any help with this? One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand with this!