In some cases, when booking a shipment with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, you may receive the error message "There are no available services for this shipment matching the selected conditions.
The following carriers are reported as temporarily unavailable: ...".

There are a couple of reasons that you may receive this message:

There is a issue with Amazon or the carrier's booking system

As detailed in the error message, there could be a technical problem affecting Amazon or your carrier's booking system(s). Where possible, wait a few minutes or retry booking the shipment later in the day.

No services are available for your shipment

In selecting a service to book your shipment, Shiptheory can only select from the shipping services made available by Amazon. Amazon uses the order data, sender and receiver addresses, total shipment weight and value and the required deliver-by date to select the shipping services available via the couriers that have been activated in your Amazon Seller Central account that will ensure your shipment reaches the customer in time to satisfy Prime's standards.
(More information on how Shiptheory's Seller Fulfilled Prime integration works is available here:

Depending on which enhancement(s) you have selected in your shipping rules (or when trying to manually trying to book the label), there may not be any services available on your Prime carriers that satisfy the requirements. Try changing your selected Service Enhancements to increase the chance Amazon will return eligible service(s) from which Shiptheory can select and book the shipment.