Some carriers will have the option to view, access and print the manifest for their shipments in Shiptheory. However not all carriers will allow you to print the manifest but will allow you to view the manifests, the following carriers allow you to view their manifests:
Royal Mail OBA
Yamato Europe

All other carriers do not have any manifest options or settings in Shiptheory.

Royal Mail OBA and Tuffnells will allow you to print the manifest from within Shiptheory but Postnorde, Yamato Europe & Pallet-force will not. You have the option to delete unwanted shipments from manifests with all named carriers, this can be done by clicking on the user drop-down menu and clicking on the carrier you want to delete shipments from, then you need to click on the "Manifest" option which will take you to the manifest page.

If you are using Royal Mail OBA orTuffnells you will be taken to a page that will have the option to either print the manifest or manage the manifest, select the manage manifest to delete shipments or select the print manifest option to print the manifest.

If you are using Postnorde, Yamato Europe or Pallet-force you will be taken straight into the manifest. 

From here you will need to click on the blue box associated to each shipment and then select the delete option, if you want to delete multiple shipments you can tick the small white box on the left side of the shipments and then select the "delete" option from the "Actions" box. 

If you have any questions or need any help you can check with our