If you’re not familiar with all of Amazon’s many services and quirks, you may be wondering what the difference between Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment is, and why Shiptheory offers an integration with both.

Fear not, here’s a quick guide to each:

Seller Fulfilled Prime

It used to be that the only way to get the hallowed “Prime” badge on your listing was to have to use Amazon’s “Fulfilled By Amazon” (FBA) service and pay to have your products stored in Amazon’s warehouses and pay a small fee on each sale for Amazon to pick, pack and send your orders for you.

Whilst convenient, for those retailers who are already happily managing their own fulfilment, the additional cost isn’t so appealing, especially when they’re already using some of the same carriers that Amazon do with FBA.

Enter “Seller Fulfilled Prime” (SFP) where, eligible sellers with a good track record can display the Prime badge on their listings whilst fulfilling listings from their own premises.

Why Do I Need Shiptheory?

Well, the catch is that Amazon dictates that to qualify, sellers must use only Amazon eligible, partner couriers, and only certain services with those carriers in order to fully comply with Prime standards. As such, postage for SFP orders must be ordered through Amazon.

Shiptheory automates this process for you, purchasing shipping for each of your Amazon orders via Amazon's Buy Shipping services and returning printable labels. You can ship both Prime and non-Prime orders via the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime integration.

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Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfilment simply allows customers that are using its “Fulfilment By Amazon” (FBA) service to fulfil and ship orders that have originated from outside of Amazon.

For example, let’s say you were selling T-shirts and kept half of your inventory in FBA for Amazon orders and half at your own warehouse to fulfil for orders from your own website and eBay. You suddenly had a run on your own website and there was a delay from your printers in receiving new stock, but you still had a couple of orders to fulfil. What to do?

You can create fulfilment requests for Amazon to send out stock from FBA for orders from your own website, eBay or anywhere. This is Multi-Channel Fulfilment. (This is just one example. MCF could be used in any number of ways – some retailers fulfil all of their orders in this fashion!)

Why Do I Need Shiptheory?

Creating a fulfilment request for each order is a manual process and can be time consuming to do. Shiptheory can take the shipment details from any connected sales channel and automate the creation of fulfilment requests for you.

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If you have any further questions, just get in contact with Shiptheory’s Support Team, here.