when getting the following error: 

HTTP Connection error: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='api.printnode.com', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /webapp/locker/d5eb6066-da97-4358-a1ca-2856a3699e99 (Caused by <class 'socket.gaierror'>: [Errno 11002] getaddrinfo failed)

This is a DNS resolution error.

PrintNode / Shiptheory relies on DNS services provided the operating system. The operating system generally gets settings provided by an ISP. These can vary in quality.

A couple of things you could try.

1. Make sure you are using a recent version of the PrintNode client.

    Windows / OSX

2. Try switching switching "HTTP Library" in the "Network Settings" tab of the client.

The two options are "Curl" and "Requests". They use different DNS libs and you may see a difference in performance.

3. Try switching to a 3rd party provider, like Google or OpenDNS.