Due to the nature of the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime scheme, how this carrier integration works in Shiptheory is a little different from other traditional carriers.

Before you start

You will need to have an Amazon Seller Central account enrolled in the Seller Fulfilled Prime scheme with at least one Amazon approved carrier enabled on your account.

Shipping your Amazon orders in Shiptheory

When you come to either set up an automatic shipping rule or manually ship an order in Shiptheory, you will notice that when you select Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime as your carrier, you have only two services available - Lowest Cost and Fastest Service

Where are all the service options for the carrier(s) you've enabled in your Amazon Seller Central account? This is where Seller Fulfilled Prime works comes into play:

At the heart of Seller Fulfilled Prime, the aim for Amazon is to ensure that their customers receive all of their Prime orders in accordance with Prime's promises, irrespective of whether it is shipping from an Amazon warehouse or direct from the seller.

This is why you're only allowed to use carriers on Amazon's approved carriers list and, in order to ensure orders are delivered fast enough, you will only be allowed to use certain delivery methods from each of these carriers that Amazon will select for you, to ship your orders.

When you come to book an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime label through Shiptheory, this is a brief outline of what happens automatically -

  1. Using the Amazon Order ID, the full order details are requested from Amazon

  2. A shipping request is sent to Amazon detailing the shipper and receiver's addresses, order contents, total shipment weight and any service enhancements.

    A note on Weight: The total shipment weight isn't available in the order details returned by Amazon. The total shipment weight sent to Amazon is taken from the order's original channel. For example, if your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders are passed into Shiptheory from Brightpearl, the order weight would be calculated as a total of the order's product weights set in Brightpearl.

  3. Amazon will then return a list of eligible shipping services for the order based on when the order was placed, the from and to addresses, weight, value and enhancement option selected, which carrier(s) you have enabled on your Seller Central account and which service(s) fulfil the Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements.

  4. From this list, based on whether the Lowest Cost or Fastest Service was selected, Shiptheory will choose one of the services returned by Amazon, complete the booking process and return a shipping label as normal.

Service Enhancements

There are two types of service enhancements: Delivery Experience enhancements and Pickup enhancements. 

The Delivery Experience enhancements allow you to choose between services with varying levels of confirmation that is from the receiver. The enhancements available are: Delivery Confirmation With Signature, Delivery Confirmation Without Signature or Delivery Confirmation With Adult Signature and No Tracking. If none of these are selected, Shiptheory will default to Delivery Confirmation Without Signature as Amazon require an option to be selected.

The Pickup enhancements allow you to choose between services that provide pickup and those that don't. If you select the No Pickup enhancement, you will get back the services that do not pickup parcels. Otherwise, you'll get the services that do.

As an example of how to use enhancements, if you have DPD as one of your enabled carriers and want to have their services returned as an option, you would need to select the Delivery Confirmation With Signature enhancement, as they only offer signature-required shipping services. 

If you have any questions on how our Seller Fulfilled Prime integration works, please contact our support team.