Connecting your Amazon Seller account to Shiptheory to automate the shipping of orders is quick and simple.

Once you've enabled the Amazon channel on your Shiptheory account, you will need to enter your Seller Account's MWS access details. This will then allow Shiptheory to connect and download your Amazon order details.

Full details on how to obtain your MWS credentials can be found here.

Once you've successfully connected to Amazon, you will see a list of Marketplaces:

This lists each of the Amazon Marketplaces that your Seller account has been enabled to sell in. Here you can select from which marketplaces Shiptheory downloads and processes orders.

Click 'Save' and you're set to go!

When does Shiptheory receive my Amazon orders?

Shiptheory will receive your new Amazon order as soon as the order has been paid customer, Amazon has completed it's payment verification checks and the order status in Amazon has updated from Pending to Unshipped. Read more here

FBA and Merchant Fulfilled Orders

Only Merchant fulfilled orders are downloaded through the Amazon integration. If you participate in FBA, all FBA orders are handled by Amazon and as such, are ignored by Shiptheory.