Depending on how your business manages your Amazon inventory & orders and which couriers you already use, there are a number of ways you can integrate Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) into your Shiptheory workflow. 

There are 3 important aspects to consider to ensure SFP orders are processed right every time -

  1. Identifying and importing orders into Shiptheory
  2. Connecting to the right Amazon-approved courier(s)
  3. Setting up SFP-specific rules

Identifying and importing orders into Shiptheory

If you manage your orders through channel management or ERP platforms such as Magento, Brightpearl, Channel Grabber or TradeGecko, then you will already be able to bring your Amazon orders into Shiptheory.

In order to ensure we can set up effective rules in Shiptheory, it's ideal to be able to identify a Prime order from others.
For example: Brightpearl are able to assign Prime orders a different order status, so you could set all orders with the Prime status their own unique shipping method in Brightpearl, either manually or using Brightpearl's Automations app. This unique shipping method can then be used to be identify Prime orders in Shiptheory.

We now have an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime integration where you can buy Amazon Buy Shipping services directly from Amazon for both Prime and non-Prime orders.

Connecting to the right Amazon-approved courier(s)

To ensure that Prime orders are delivered quickly, only certain couriers and courier services are approved to be used in conjunction with the SFP program. If you already have an account with an Amazon SFP-approved courier such as Royal Mail in the UK, then you're ready to go in Shiptheory. Simply connect your account in Shiptheory and set up your rules in the next step!

Alternately, if you're looking to purchase shipping through Amazon, then we have an integration with Amazon for this coming soon - watch this space!

Setting up shipping rules for Seller Fulfilled Prime

As mentioned above, in order to set up effective rules shipping rules in Shiptheory, it's ideal to be able to identify an Amazon Prime order from others from any other channels or services you offer. Shiptheory offers a number of rule filters to enable you to funnel your Prime orders to only ship with Amazon-approved couriers and methods.

To continue from the example above, we can set a rule to match orders that come into Shiptheory with the shipping method we assign SFP orders in Brightpearl. This ensures that every time, each SFP order will be processed to always ship with the courier and service set in this rule.