Please follow this guide to authorise Shiptheory to access your Amazon account and obtain an MWS Authorisation Token.

  1. Sign into your Amazon Seller Central account as the primary user and select User Permissions from the Settings menu in the top right of the page:

  2. Under Third-party developer and apps, select Visit Manage Your Apps:

  3. Select Authorise New Developer:

  4. Enter the following details and select Next:
    Developer's Name: Shiptheory
    Developer ID: 909267247538

  5. On completion, your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token required in Shiptheory will be displayed alongside each of the Marketplaces in which your Seller Central account is registered.

    You can make a note of these details for safe keeping, or can view them at any time by returning to the Third-party developer and apps page in User Permissions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Shiptheory support team