Shiptheory allows you to overwrite the number of boxes on a consignment from the Shiptheory dashboard. You can also control this from Shopfy, on the order screen within the admin panel.

Setting No. of Boxes on a Shopify Order

  1. Open an Order in Shopify
  2. Type boxes = 2 (where is the number of boxes required) into the order notes box
  3. Press Save on the order notes
  4. Fulfill the order

Shiptheory looks at the order notes for a string matching boxes = 2 (where 2 is the number of boxes required).


  • Shiptheory updates the Order Notes field when attempting to create a label. If you are fulfilling multiple orders, or Retrying a failed/ignored order in Shopify, you will need to re-enter the number of boxes in the Notes field and click Save again before proceeding.
  • The text string is not case sensitive and does not need spaces. For example, boxes=2 will work as well as Boxes = 2