If requested we can set an account flag (brightpearl_settings.update_shipping_method) in their account settings.

If this is set, when a shipment is processed and a tracking number is received back by our system, it will attempt to set the shipping method of the goods out note to a shipping method named after the courier.


If a shipment comes in from Brightpearl and Shiptheory determines it should be sent with DPD.  Once the shipment has been successful sent over to DPD (ie. a tracking number has been received back into Shiptheory).  Shiptheory will attempt to update that goods out note, with a shipping method called 'Dpd'.  This shipping method will have to already exist in Brightpearl prior to 'saving' the Brightpearl settings in Shiptheory.

To use this, for each potential carrier that could be used, the user's Brightpearl account will need shipping methods for each. 

EG.  If the customer is using Dpd, Interlink and Royal Mail, the following shipping methods would need to exist in Brightpearl:

The shipping method's name and the shipping method's code for each shipping method in Brightpearl should be:




Note the first letter is a capital letter, there should be no spaces