Shiptheory has the ability to pick up any shipments that are created within your Shopify account. It is important to remember that shipments will not be processed within your Shiptheory account until they are marked as fulfilled within your Shopify account.

Set up

After signing up with Shiptheory you will be prompted to select and configure your channel. From this page, you will need to scroll down and choose the Shopify option to enable it in your account. It shouldn't be far, the list is in alphabetical order.

Having enabled Shopify, you will be redirected to the channel settings. In order to successfully connect your Shopify account, you will first need to input your Shopify store URL. This is the address of your store.

Once you have input your store URL, you will be required to connect the two accounts. Press connect:

You'll now be redirected to the Shopify login page, please enter your username and password. After you enter the correct login details you will be redirected back to Shiptheory, where you will see that Shopify is now connected to your Shiptheory account.

Once successfully connected, you will start to see any fulfilled orders from your Shopify account appear in the 'all' tab within Shiptheory.

Additional Information

If you would like a detailed explanation of creating shipments within Shopify, check out our support articles on Testing your Shopify and Shiptheory shipments

If you would like any clarity on the above, or would like us to complete the install for you, please contact customer support on 0117 403 4313. Alternatively, you can email us here.