Shiptheory will support Magento 2.

When Will Shiptheory Support Magento 2?

Our focus at Shiptheory is providing reliable, robust and intelligent shipping automation to our customers. We support multiple platforms, such as Brightpearl and Exact, as well as Magento. We will be providing a Magento 2 version of the Shiptheory extension however we currently do not have an ETA.

Magento 2 is a priority for us. It's also important for us that the platforms we integrate with are stable, as to reduce updates required to the Shiptheory extension. Merchants moving to Magento 2 so soon after release may find that updates are a little too frequent. Once we receive feedback that Magento 2 has been road tested by the community of developers and merchants, we will be releasing an update to cover Magento 2 support for Shiptheory.

Have Questions about Magento 2?

If you have questions around Magento 2 and Shiptheory, please get in touch - We will be happy to help.