This is an internal support document with advice on how to proceed when an email is sent to the Shptheory helpdesk reporting that the Deutsche Post Manifest Failed for account XXXX. Not to be shared directly with users.

What is the Deutsche Post manifest?

Each shipment booked throughout the day with DP is booked as a single, disconnected "item". The end-of-day manifest sends collects all of the barcodes from these single item shipments and "finalizes" them onto a DP "order". DP uses these orders to bill the customer and we use the returned Order ID to request and return the Air Way Bill labels customers are required to attach to the mailbags collected by DP.

What Should I Do if the Manifest Fails?

In the event that the manifest process fails, a ticket will be created automatically in the Shiptheory helpdesk with the subject: Royal Mail Manifest Failed for account XXXX. A reason will be detailed in the email. Some errors and resolutions are listed below. If the error is not listed here, escalate the ticket to a developer. The developer must act to resolve the failed manifest issue on an urgent basis.

  • Deutsche Post 422 error: Assembling of an order for the given items is not possible: Access to barcode(s) [......] is forbidden.
    This error is returned if the customer is trying to manifest shipment barcodes that have already been manifested or finalised. Either the customer has finalised the shipment barcodes listed between the brackets in the error somewhere outside of Shiptheory (e.g. customer portal) or something has gone wrong in Shiptheory that the manifest rows haven't been marked as manifested in a previous cycle. Please check with the customer and report to a developer

Developer steps

  • Email Deutsche Post ( to inform them that we have had an error.
  • Send a list of the item barcodes listed in the unmanifested database rows for the company ID so they can create finalise them to an order ASAP and return Air Way Bills for the customer to attach to their mailbags for the day.
  • If an API error has been returned in the manifest failure email, include this in the email for further investigation if it's not easily identifiable what the issue is.