Commercial invoices can be set-up to be printed automatically as they cannot be printed manually.

To set it up you will need to head to our documents page where you will first need to agree to be responsible to check the data displayed on any import or export document.

After that you will be taken to the documentation page where you can select which carrier has their CN22 printed. To access the commercial invoices you will need to go into the advanced options which can be done by clicking on the silver cog at the bottom of the screen. 

From here, you will be able to customise your commercial invoice and set-up a printer for the invoices to be printed off of as soon as they are ready.

You will need to connect your printer to your Shiptheory account which requires the Shiptheory print client, if you do not have the Shiptheory print client you can download it from here.

We also have starter guides on setting up automatic printing that includes a General Guide about automatic printing and Setting Up automatic printing.

If you need any help just let us know by getting in contact with Shiptheory Support, we'll be happy to help.